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That's the case 这样的话 果真如此 双语对照 例句: 1. If that's the case, the japanese market will do very well the nextsix months. 果真如此,未来6个月日本市场将继续有出色表现。 2. And if that's the case, couldn't you have saved ...

case在口语中的用法 1. in that case 表示:要是那样的话。如: A:I won‘t go. 我不去了。 B:In that case, I won‘t go, either. 既然如此,我也不去了。 You have finished, haven‘t you? In that case, you may go. 你已完工了,是不是...

if that is the case 全部释义和例句>>如果是这样的话

that's always the case. 的意思是: 习以为常了;司空见惯了;事实总是怎样的意思。 还有一种说法That's not always the case. 的意思是: 但事实并非总是如此。

that is not the case 不是那个意思; 其实; 双语例句 1. However, that is not the case. 但是,事实并不如此。 2. With aggregation and composition, anything you do to the whole in the database you almost always need to do to the pa...

译为就是这样,情况就是如此,或某种情况对于某人很常见 That is often the case with him. 他往往这样.

是这样的 例句 We must move house if that is the case. 假如情况如此,我们必须搬家。

If that's the case, we should finish the job as soon as possible.如果是那样的话,我们应该尽快结束工作。

That is not the case. 情况并非如此 双语对照 例句: 1. That is not the case, this is a different storm. 这是不能相提并论的,这是一个完全不同的热带风暴。 2. That is not the case with lenovo. 联想(lenovo)并非如此


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