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峰值 集a 被分成了四分之一(四个峰值)你这句话应该是在理科类的书上的吧?

栝楼- fructus trichosanthis银杏- gingkgo, gingko板栗- Chinese chestnut金沙泉- 紫砂壶- 笋茶- 白虾- 银鱼- whitebait大闸蟹- hairy crab,mitten crab鲚鱼- anchovy银杏长廊- 金钉子- 没写的,不清楚……

10-year-old boy gets a first class degree in mathematics or an 8-year-old plays chess like a future 18 - 21 * Place: Beizhan Theatre, 135, Xiwai Dajie, Xicheng District * Tel: 6606-4258 EXHIBITIONS

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18, 2007. The design of the China Pavilion was picked from a total of 344 designs put forward by Chinese from around the world. The pavilion possesses both traditional and modern features, which he

答案:C.根据His Chinese friend is______18-year-old boy called Lin Tao,可知本句的 boy 是泛指一类人,指男孩,又18-year-old 的首音素/ei/是元音音素,所以需要加冠词an.故选C.

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[图文] Cosponsored by the Business,Science and Technology Center. 72.If a boy wants to improve the skill BACTeen-Acting for TeensThe nation's first on-camera acting program developed for teens(ages 13


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