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be made into被制成、被做成、被拍摄成例句:1. Scientists found the fungus could be made into a product that is similar in appearance to animal tissue. 科学家们发现真菌可以被制成外表与动物组织类似的食品.2. Milk can be made into cheese. 原奶可以制作成为奶酪.3. But no one knows yet if "Breaking Dawn" will be made into one film or two. 但他们不确定是否该把“破晓”分成两部电影来拍摄.

be made to do 被用来做

Bamboo can be made into paper. 竹子可以用来造纸. ========================================= 希望可以帮到你哦!望采纳 谢谢!O(∩_∩)O

①In many parts of the world corn is made into powder

1. be made by 意为“由……制成”,后接产品的制作者.Is it made by you? 它是你做出来的吗?2. be made into 意为“被制作成……”,后接制作出来的产品.This piece of wood can be made into a small bench. 这块木头可以做成一条小长凳

be made into 可制成 网络释义1. 成品2. 被制成例句:1.We all work with content that can be made into boilerplate text, whether it's html code,canned email responses, blog post templates or custom signatures. 工作中我们都会遇到可以制成模板

be made of 用于直接看出原材料 比如this chair is made of wood 这把椅子是石头做的,be made into的意思为"被制成为…".This piece of wood will be made into a small bench. 这块木头将要被制成一个小凳.

1被制(作)成 2使成为 3某种原材料制制成某种成品 Glasses is made into bottles看完了采纳哦~~祝学习进步!

一二个和第三个是反的. 比方说the chair is made of wood. We made the piece of wood into a chair. 不知道你有没有明白我的意思. 可以换,只要换对. 但通常情况下你像别人介绍东西的时候并不知道它是谁做的,所以一般都用前两个.第三个,如果你知道是谁做的,而且强调人的话,就用它.

be made of 用……制成的 例:书由纸做成的be made from 从什么制成的(质发生变化) 例:酒由葡萄酿成的be made by 用什么方法制的 例:油是靠榨制出来的be made into 把..制成什么 例:把铁炼成钢be made up of 由组成

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